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Hotel in Duesseldorf Oberkassel

Across the river Rhein on the other side of the old part of Duesseldorf there is the beautiful art nouveau quartier Oberkassel.

Hotel Arosa is located in a quiet and safe street only a few steps from Belsenplatz.

From there public trains are running every few minutes to the city center and the old part of Duesseldorf.

If you prefer to walk you have to cross the bridge over the river Rhein and it will take you about 15 minutes

Hotel in Duesseldorf Oberkassel

Fair and main trainstation are reached fast and comfortable within 15 minutes.

From and to International Airport Duesseldorf we recommend to take a taxi for about 20,00 €

Duesseldorf Airport Weeze : please take the direct bus to the Duesseldorf main train station.

For all guests arriving at the main train station in Duesseldorf : please change into U74 / U75 / U76 or U 77 direction Oberkassel / Neuss and get out at Belsenplatz.

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